Tacoronte is considered one of the most "cold and rainy" the island of Tenerife. You can, however, find the best restaurants and fine wine.  

This historic town unlike the tourist areas is full of supermarkets, shops, furniture stores, and agricultural products. In its bodegas (wineries) you can enjoy its renowned wine Tacoronte-Acentejo.



Tacoronte is a municipality of about 20,000 inhabitants in the north-east of the island, is 30 km from the volcano Teide and 21 km from the capital Santa Cruz, the capital of the same name is located at 490 meters above sea level.




His name has Guanche origins and derives from Tagoror which means "The place where it meets the Council of Elders"

The current area was one of the original nine kingdoms Guanches. Acaymo was the ruler at the time of the Spanish conquest and was one of five Menecys I try to object to the conquerors.

The current city has grown around the Church of Santa Catalina, built in 1508 by Sebastian Machado, mercenary who had fought for the conquest of Tenerife and was rewarded with a large plot of land in these parts.

Until the nineteenth century, Tacoronte was one of the last stops of Diligence for the north of the island and forced crossroads for anyone who wanted to explore Tenerife.

Today is the residence of many commuters to the metropolitan area of Santa Cruz / La Laguna.

To visit

The old city.
The chapel, located in the old monastery of St. Augustine, where there is the seventeenth-century statue of Cristo de los Dolores.



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Playa El Pris.

Playa La Fuentecilla (Tagoro).



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